The Move To Manufacturing Program (M2M) is a manufacturing-readiness program developed in collaboration with the Central Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance, several Central Wisconsin manufacturing companies, and the Northcentral Technical College. The M2M program offers a free training opportunity to anyone who is interested in obtaining the skills, knowledge, and resources you need to be successful in employment in manufacturing.

If you are ready to make the move to manufacturing, you can complete the training program in less than 30 days. It consists of an eight-hour online Manufacturing Essentials Class, followed by a 20-hour in-person Manufacturing Skills Workshop that meets at a variety of times so you can complete the class when it’s convenient for you.

Participants who complete the program earn a M2M Certificate and 4.7 credits through NTC. Additionally, graduates will be able to analyze blueprints, correctly use tools in a manufacturing setting, demonstrate safe workplace practices, operate cranes and rigging equipment, apply lean and problem-solving techniques, and utilize effective team building and communication skills.

Some potential careers graduates of the program can pursue include quality control technician, fabricator, shipper, production technician, and material handler. You can complete the training around your schedule, including while attending school or working in your current position. Participants must be at least 18 years old upon completion of the program.

Some school districts are even offering M2M as part of their technical education curriculum so high school students can earn a M2M Certificate while finishing school; students must be at least 18 years or older upon completion of the program. Businesses who currently sponsor the M2M program can refer new hires or current employees who need refresher skills training in manufacturing.


Watch the M2M video to see participants receiving hands-on skills training:


Manufacturing Essentials Class

The Manufacturing Essentials Class is an online, self-paced class that takes approximately 8 hours to complete and introduces you to the basic terminology and concepts needed to be successful in the world of manufacturing. Completing this course prepares you for the next training phase, the Manufacturing Skills Workshop. You have 30 days to complete this course, working around your schedule. If you need more time, you simply re-enroll again.

Here’s a look at what’s covered in the Manufacturing Essentials Class:

  • Computer Skills
  • Shop Math
  • Print Reading
  • Measurement Tools
  • Hand Tools
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Industrial Safety
  • Teamwork and Communication Skills
  • Continuous Improvement


Manufacturing Skills Workshop

After successfully completing the online 8-hour self-paced essentials class, you will then be eligible to attend the 20-hour hands-on Manufacturing Skills Workshop. The workshop consists of five in-person sessions that are 4 hours in duration and coordinated around your schedule. All workshop classes are held at the Northcentral Technical College campus in Wausau in their dedicated M2M training space.

The hands-on training is more specialized for manufacturing employment skills and covers aspects such as using measuring tools, using hand tools, analyzing blueprints, building, and assembling products, safe work practices, and problem solving.

Topics covered in the Manufacturing Skills Workshops include:

  • Individual and Team Lifting techniques
  • Cranes and Rigging techniques and safe practices
  • Print Reading Lab along with Spatial Recognition experience
  • Proper use of measurement tools in a quality manufacturing experience
  • Build a mechanical assembly
  • Build shipping crating
  • Analyze and practice best methods through lean and problem-solving techniques
  • Utilize team building and communication skills to be effective workers



Additionally, workshop participants can tour partnering companies that help to sponsor the M2M program, allowing you to see potential work environments before you start working.


How Do I Apply?

Enroll today in the free Move To Manufacturing program by applying online at: and select “Make Your Move”.

After submitting your application, you’ll receive an email from Northcentral Technical College confirming your enrollment in the M2M program. Your confirmation will include a point of contact at NTC for questions, more information about next steps, and a link to start the online Manufacturing Essentials Class and officially begin your training.

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Move To Manufacturing Advantages


  1. The M2M program offers a free training opportunity to anyone who is interested in working within the manufacturing industry.
  2. Participants learn relevant, practical, and hands-on skills and have access to resources that support your successful employment in manufacturing.
  3. Training can be done in under 30 hours, completed while you continue working, and is coordinated around your work and life schedule
  4. Successful completion of the M2M program guarantees you a job interview with area manufacturing companies that support the program and are committed to growing their workforce.
  5. If your interview leads to a job, you will receive a $500 bonus within the first three months of employment.
  6. Starting wages and salaries for manufacturing careers are very competitive – with jobs start at $17+ per hour
  7. Careers in manufacturing offer many advancement opportunities and good benefits.
  8. The number of jobs available in manufacturing within Central Wisconsin is 169% above the national average, making it the top growing industry in Central Wisconsin
  9. Currently over 26% of people employed in manufacturing are 55 years or older, which means there will be even more openings and opportunities in the future as these people retire.
  10. The Move To Manufacturing program is designed to grow the manufacturing industry workforce by increasing the number of qualified candidates for manufacturing businesses and the local community.


Sponsoring Manufacturers in the Northcentral Technical College Region include:

County Materials Corporation

Crystal Finishing Systems, Inc.


Graphic Packaging Intl



Northern Wire


Volm Companies

Waukesha Bearings

Wausau Coated

Wausau Window and Wall Systems

Wausau Supply Company


Sponsoring Manufacturers in the Northwoods Technical College Region include:

Artic Compressor

E&M Machine

Holiday Kitchens

Mastercraft Industrial, Inc.

Schaffer Manufacturing


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